Practicing law since 2009, Blake Stewart dedicates his off-time to an array of non-profits including: Rotary Club of Viera, Habitat for Humanity, The Children’s Hunger Project, and a multitude of pro-bono projects each year. In college, Stewart worked numerous jobs in the construction industry, including stints as a roofer, certified mechanic, and surveyor. With these experiences, Stewart truly understands construction. Stewart practices contractual and transactional law, specializing in equipment supply, service, and construction, both nationally and internationally. Stewart also has worked in international trade negotiations, U.S Export Compliance, intellectual property, and confidentiality in the power generation, electronics, and supply chain industries.

Stewart is extremely proud to welcome and work alongside Edward Kinberg, a board certified construction attorney, and retired United States Army J.A.G. Officer specializing in Contract Law. Kinberg brings over 30 years of experience in construction and government procurement law. Kinberg has been a great mentor of Stewart’s. Stewart and Kinberg’s experience, dedication, and knowledge helps to bring justice to people and businesses on the Space Coast.

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