With Instagram 

Being able to evolve in business is critical to survival. Instagram has been the one social media platform constantly evolving to meet its followers’ needs. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, turning it into a platform that has several popular features; the imagery of Pinterest, hashtags of Twitter and short stories of Snapchat. Currently, there are more than 8 million businesses active on Instagram. Building your Instagram brand is a science that if done correctly can greatly increase your following and business revenue. Here are some tips to boost your brand.

Create Your Exposition

Just like a good story, your brand must connect with your audience. In any great book there is the exposition, the introduction that sets up your plot.

Your business must address:

• Character: Who is your customer?

• Conflict: What problem does your customer face?

• Setting: What is the look and feel of your business?

Visual Branding

When you think of branding, think about the mall and the multiple stores all competing for your business. A store’s window display shows you the feel of its brand, and within a moment you make a decision whether to enter. Instagram is simply one big mall of people entering different stores/profiles based on the window display/visual branding. In one moment they choose whether or not to follow your business.

Mastering Window Display:

• Create a mood board with what you want the look and feel to be. Recommend: Pinterest Board

• Apply a filter to your images … be consistent! Recommend: Use one filter

• Create a great rotation so you do not post the same types of posts repetitively.

Content and Collaboration

The Number 1 rule of Instagram content is be short and sweet. No one wants to read a novel; you want to give them just enough to be intrigued to enter your “store” and show you are the resolution to their problem. A great way to get new followers is to collaborate with local businesses or influencers; these are people who have a large following and can give your business recognition by driving traffic to your profile.

Fun content:

• Create a hashtag and encourage customers to use it; this creates engagement and traffic.

• Emojis are life! The more you can incorporate an emoji into your posts the better.

Tasha Macri
Director of Digital Marketing at Space Coast Magazines | tasha@spacecoastmagazines.com

Tasha is the Director of Digital Marketing for Space Coast Magazines, having spent the past few years perfecting the art of social media marketing. Before diving into the world of digital marketing, she spent over 10 years managing big box retail stores where she became an expert on using trend reports to grow businesses.