“We’re expanding our talent, resources and capabilities and are poised to serve clients on a much larger scale.” – William Chivers

For more than 30 years, RUSH Construction has established a stellar reputation in Central Florida as a trusted general contractor, design/builder, and construction manager for the aerospace, defense, commercial and medical industry sectors. It is also a forward-thinking company poised for future growth. In order to ensure this growth and branch out into new lines of business, it recently secured a four-year maintenance and repair contract with Space Florida for its 2,500-acre, 13-building Spaceport Landing Facility.

“We’re excited about this contract, as it actually couples with our growth plans to actively expand our business and hire new people,” said William Chivers, RUSH president and CEO.

In order to secure the contract, RUSH hired Bob Dillow, an experienced maintenance and repair professional. Dillow is a retired naval commander who has managed 1,000,000 square feet of health care facility space during his career. He will also serve as the lead manager on all of the company’s future maintenance and repair contracts. Additionally, RUSH hired five individuals who will make up Dillow’s field team and be on-site at the Shuttle Landing Facility to handle work orders full-time.

For the Space Florida contract, RUSH is responsible for maintenance and repair on the following vertical buildings: Approach Lighting System Substation, Media Ops Building, Air Traffic Control Tower, News Building, Gate 3 Gate House, Landing Aids Control Building, Antenna Tower, Electrical Sub-Station, Approach Lighting System Substations, Airfield Lighting Vault, and Convoy Vehicle Enclosure, as well as aircraft ground equipment and the 15,000-foot-long concrete runway.

“RUSH put together an exceptional proposal, bringing both a private-sector mindset and cost-efficiency to the Cape Canaveral Spaceport,” said Jimmy Moffitt, Space Florida’s Airfield Manager. “I look forward to having such a talented group working with Space Florida toward its vision of the next generation of commercial spaceflight operations.”

Al Forbes, RUSH executive vice president, noted that the company’s familiarity with the Spaceport is also a plus. “We actually built some of the structures we will now be maintaining at the facility, and we installed many of the systems within them, so it’s a good fit for us,” he said.

As a company, RUSH is obviously looking ahead and making an investment in its future by tying its growth to the aspirations of Space Florida and Port Canaveral, regional authorities that are setting themselves up to attract, expand and support the commercial space flight industry. As the area strengthens its position as a global leader in aerospace research, investment, exploration and commerce, more opportunities will present themselves to companies that can provide services and support to this sector. North Brevard is also seeing exciting new growth and business evolution in transportation and logistics, satellite communications, automotive restoration parts, marine design, retail expansion and precision plastics.

RUSH is positioning itself to service all of these growing sectors as a general contractor, design/builder, and construction manager … and now as a maintenance and repair contractor.

“When we first identified the maintenance and repair opportunity, we were hesitant because it wasn’t our bread and butter, but after further analysis we decided to move forward with it,” said Chivers. “We had to prove we could do it, so we hired Bob and demonstrated to Space Florida we had more than enough capabilities to handle the contract.”

Chivers added that the growth in North Brevard is something that has not been seen in years, and it contributed to the growth RUSH experienced in 2017. The company saw a 20 percent increase in staff. In addition to Dillow and his Shuttle Landing Facility field team, the company hired a staff accountant, project coordinator, director of new contracts and senior estimator. In the first quarter of 2018, the company plans to hire an additional project manager and project superintendent.

“All of this speaks to the optimism we see on the horizon,” said Chivers. “We’re expanding our talent, resources and capabilities and are poised to serve clients on a much larger scale.”

Having a company like RUSH in the region that can grow and expand with the rising tides of overall regional growth is a sure sign of healthy economic development. The team at RUSH is excited for what lies ahead, and this bodes well for other companies and organizations that can benefit from the services it provides.