Spreads the Light, Reflecting Innovative, Specialized Eye Care

Brevard Eye Center, one of Brevard’s most widely recognized providers of optometry and ophthalmology services is now TRES VISION Group

(Melbourne, FL) – Leading the way in innovative and state-of-the-art advances in eye care services, Brevard Eye Center is now TRES VISION Group. For more than five decades, Brevard county residents have been served by one of region’s most beloved and widely recognized providers of optometry and ophthalmology services. Under the leadership of Dr. Rafael Trespalacios, medical director and lead surgeon, TRES VISION Group continues to grow, providing patients of all ages throughout the region with a full spectrum of highly specialized eye care services, with three convenient locations along the Space Coast.

Dr. Trespalacios, better known to his patients as “Dr. Tres,” and his medical team consisting of Dr. Leslie Collins, Dr. Lauren Hansen and Dr. William Riehl, Jr., recognize that every patient that walks through their doors entrusts them with their most precious gift – the gift of sight. It is through this reflection, that TRES VISION Group provides the highest level of cutting-edge, specialized eye care, focused on a patient-centered approach as its pinnacle standard of care. This cooperative care model enhances optimal patient outcomes and experiences, as compassionate and dedicated providers guide their patients along their journey towards better vision, as well as a better vision for their lives.

This patient-centered philosophy translates into all levels of care and practice. “Love People. Love Truth. Spread the Light. Change the World,” says Dr. Tres. “When we meet with patients, we literally and symbolically enlighten them as we learn and teach about what is going on with their eyes.”

TRES VISION Group recognizes that restoring and preserving the gift of sight, gives patients their freedom back. Freedom to enjoy the things they were previously unable to do when they had vision problems. Patients are drawn to TRES VISION Group because of its excellent reputation and peer recognition as one of the best eye centers in the country.

As one of the area’s leading ophthalmologists, Dr. Tres offers many highly specialized services due to his extensive education and training. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida’s medical school and went on to become a board-certified ophthalmologist with distinctions throughout his medical and surgical training. His fellowship training included an additional year studying cataracts and consultative ophthalmology, which provides the required expertise to treat more complex conditions in certain areas of the eye. Currently, Dr. Tres also serves as an associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Central Florida (UCF)’s College of Medicine. UCF is currently the largest public university in the nation.

TRES VISION Group offers comprehensive care ranging from the most routine eye care to specialized, cutting-edge treatments. As one of the most advanced eye centers in the country, it was the first in Florida to offer LipiFlow, a non-surgical procedure for dry eyes. The treatment is quick and painless, using heat and pressure to offer patients dry eye relief. Additionally, Dr. Tres was one of the first surgeons in the world to perform a bladeless laser corneal transplant. More recently, TRES VISION Group became the first in North America to offer minimally invasive glaucoma surgery with the OMNI 2 device, a no implant alternative to the world’s smallest medical device.

TRES VISION Group is the first in the country to offer the CataLāze Refractive option including ORA with VerifEYETM, a new intraoperative test option that provides real-time measurements of the patient’s eye during cataract surgery with no additional cutting. Prior to the CataLāze option including ORA with VerifEYETM, eye surgeons were unable to assess the quality of vision during a cataract procedure and would often have to wait weeks or even months after the surgery to determine the accuracy of the procedure and the patient’s visual results. While normal cataract surgery only removes the cataract, patients who choose CataLāze can have their overall vision improved at the same time. Backed by history and science already, more than 20,000 patients in Brevard have benefitted from Dr Tres’s innovative approach to cataract surgery.

In the patient-centered care philosophy, patient education is a high priority. The team at TRES VISION Group ensures patients are well informed and understand all of the treatment plans that are available and appropriate for their eyes. They take the time to listen and learn about each individual and their lifestyles, hobbies, so they can make the best decisions for their care and treatment options.

“We believe in educating every patient about their options,” says Dr Tres. “To better serve them, we want to understand their lifestyle and what they want to improve about their eyesight. This is what we consider the next level of patient care. Let’s give to each patient what they are looking for and provide the best outcomes and results.”

With three convenient Brevard locations in Merritt Island, Suntree, and Melbourne, the team at TRES VISION Group are ready to service all aspects of eye health needs. Visit online for more information or call 321-984-3200.


TRES VISION Group has three convenient locations across Brevard County including Melbourne, Suntree / Viera and Merritt Island. Our team of eye care professionals are highly trained and regarded for their world-class optometric and ophthalmic care, implementing some of the first cutting-edge techniques in surgery and treatment in the nation. TRES VISION Group covers all of your eye care needs from sophisticated surgery to routine eye exams. Our team is ready to help you see the world clearly and vividly. For more information visit us on