New Services, Programs Define Organization

Brevard Workforce Development Board is known to different people in different ways.  The historical approach of separate brands for our various audiences worked fairly successfully for many years under Brevard Job Link, but our services in the career centers are expanding well beyond those to the unemployed.  We are instituting new programs and our audiences are converging on many levels.  So, with this developing mission comes a new, simpler brand that identifies us on all fronts. Brevard Workforce is now where Brevard businesses and job seekers go for employment services.

Our new consolidated brand co-joins the Brevard Job Link and Brevard Workforce Development Board, Inc. brands.  Our short, descriptive name makes it easier to connect directly to what we do, and we lose the confusion that comes from separate brands.  The overarching Brevard Workforce brand captures our mission simply and with credibility, and allows us to create a single, visible identifier for our organization and the services we provide to both businesses and individuals.

From an administrative standpoint, we are also more efficient and cost effective with a single brand, which we designed with clear similarities to our previous brands to ensure that it is still familiar and easy to adapt.  The plan to develop Brevard Workforce over time includes ensuring that our brand represents all of the services available and leads people to us: a single organization with convenient accessibility through on the web and our career centers in Palm Bay, Cocoa, Titusville and a temporary location at Kennedy Space Center, with our administrative offices in Rockledge.

Unifying our services under one brand better demonstrates our capabilities and impact as an organization as well, and helps to create greater visibility and awareness of what we do.  And these days, Brevard Workforce is doing a lot.  We’ve stepped up our grant programs so that we may focus resources on the areas with great need, such as dedicated services for individuals and businesses that will be affected by the end of space shuttle program, including regional outreach to support economic development efforts that could yield local jobs.

Brevard Workforce has expanded recently, with new government programs and grants that provide low and no-cost training services for employers who need new hires or updated skills for their existing workers.  We can also connect businesses with tax credit programs that can provide savings of up to $8,500 per new hire.  There are also no-cost recruiting services that assist businesses in filling positions or simply posting them on local, statewide and national jobs databases.  We also work with companies on recruitment, employee relations, training options and providing outplacement services for employers when they are faced with layoffs and closings.

Services, offered at no-cost, for job seekers are also expanding and becoming more streamlined.  Our web presence,, is a gateway for those seeking employment and changing careers, and outlines special services for youth, adults with disabilities, veterans and members of the aerospace workforce who will be losing their jobs as a result of the end of the shuttle program.

We are excited about our new identity and the power behind the Brevard Workforce brand. We’ve transitioned our image to reflect our developing services for employers and job seekers, and the simple, straightforward way to connect with us.  We invite you to explore all Brevard Workforce has to offer.