Shelter Mortgage, Licensed Mortgage Specialist

Brian HawkinsBrian Hawkins is a licensed mortgage specialist with Shelter Mortgage in Viera. A graduate of Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Hawkins has been a resident of Brevard for over 20 years – moving here from northern Illinois for a warmer climate and the “small town” atmosphere that Brevard County offered.

Having been in the mortgage business for seven years, he has seen a lot of change not only in the landscape of the county but in the real estate market as well. He is passionate about not only helping borrowers with financing for their new homes, but to help them understand the process as well, so they can make an informed decision as to what they want to do. This is especially true with first-time homebuyers. “They not only have a lot of questions, but quite often, they don’t know what questions to ask,” Hawkins said. He knows that if a borrower is unable to purchase a home because of credit issues, they must understand why and what steps they need to take so they will be able to purchase, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Being available at all hours is something that Hawkins understands all too well. He said, “We joke that this isn’t a 24/7 job. It’s more like 26/8.” Most people are only available to ask questions and sign paperwork at the end of the day or on the weekend, so he makes sure that his realtor friends and clients know that they can call on him nights and/or weekends when a borrower needs to be pre-qualified or have questions about their application. “It is important to be available whenever we are needed. If someone is thinking of getting into this business, they will learn quickly that it’s not a 9 to 5 job.”