shelter mortgageThe greatest teams, no matter how they come together, are made only through a combination of hard work, understanding and a bit of luck. It was fortune that found Shelter Mortgage’s Brian Spencer and Dana Saunders of Keller Williams together on the tennis courts when they teamed up for the Space Coast Tennis League, but since then their shared values and dedication have turned this team into a formidable partnership.

Their time on the court has proven to be a perfect parallel to their dynamic off court. To hear them describe it, there is nearly no difference: “We both have to play each side of the court,” Spencer said. “To do that requires a responsive, alert and communicative partner; someone whose strengths compliment your own, who knows exactly when it’s their turn to step up and who can let you take the lead when you have the ball.” 

Saunders, who before joining Keller Williams worked as a registered nurse, brings a gift for compassion and understanding. This, coupled with her years of business ownership experience, compliments Spencer’s thorough communication style. “Brian’s great with follow up and excellent with communication,” Saunders explained. “In the relationship between the realtor and the lender, communication is always key.” Both share a skill for analyzing and negotiating vital to their successful partnership. 

Shelter Mortgage and Keller Williams, as well as Saunders and Spencer, find this pairing is all the more effective because of their shared dedication to the client experience. Both work to stay up to date on the latest news and technologies, as well as to make the borrowers experience a seamless one. 

Whether they are going for the winning point or getting clients into the home of their dreams, Saunders and Spencer look forward to continuing their partnership.

COMPANY: Keller Williams
TITLE: Realtor
LOCATION: Melbourne, FL
PHONE: 321-243-9777