Misty Marot’s zealous attitude and extensive experience as a board certified behavior analyst has positioned her as a successful woman business leader, serving as CEO, owner, co-founder and chairwoman of Novel Engineering.

Marot earned her B.S. in Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology and spent most of her postgraduate career in applied behavior analysis, customizing various environments to maximize motivation and learning among individuals and groups. She is passionate in applying the research of behavior analysis to her organization, called performance management (a subset of organizational behavior management).

Seeking a more fulfilling career to leave her mark in the small business community and Brevard County, Marot started Novel Engineering out of her home. She kept her eyes on her most important priority, being a mother to her two young children Cole and Caia, while maintaining employment with Brevard Public Schools. Then, Marot began assembling her team for Novel Engineering.

After successfully landing her first key employee, husband Chris—a sought after and experienced engineer—to oversee engineering operations, she focused on getting the right people to spearhead business development, marketing and accounting.  “I knew it was a huge risk but also an enormous opportunity; I felt it was one I was supposed to take.” Marot said reflecting back. The Marots are glad they did not let fear overshadow their entrepreneurial spirit.

“I learned a lot about myself, patience, and how resilient one can be,” Misty shared. “Every day there is a choice to get going and do what you need to do.” She said she really learned to focus on the positive and put one foot in front of the other to get through that very challenging time, and every day after.

Novel Engineering is an electronic and software systems engineering service and product provider specializing in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and Research Design and Development for the aerospace, aviation, rail and control industries. The company is headquartered in a 15,000 square foot facility in Satellite Beach. Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) recognizes Novel Engineering as a Woman Owned Small Business.

How Women Are Changing Business Culture

When it comes to ways in which women in the workforce are changing American business culture, Marot said, “Women can sometimes bring unique perspectives and approaches to leadership and business. These skillsets can broaden the way we problem solve, innovate, build and manage an organization.” If she could go back in time, she said she isn’t sure what, if anything, she would do differently. “Everything I’ve done has led me to this point. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be in this seat.”

A key to Novel’s success has been its sharp focus on optimizing organizational efficiencies and effectiveness. Misty also prides herself in recruiting, developing, and cultivating personnel in a way that meets organizational goals as well as the professional goals of the personnel-meeting at a road of innovated collaboration instead of a one-way road of compromise.

“You can have the best systems in place and a vision where you would like the company to go, but great things in business are never done by just one person.  Novel Engineering’s success can be directly attributed to the many special people who have unselfishly devoted their time and talents to make our collective dream come to life,” Misty said.