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The Best New Year’s Resolution EVER!!

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Turn off the News By Jeff Piersall The power of television to influence the behavior and emotion in an individual has been clearly documented by many researchers.  Television can influence good or evil. As we have watched a rise in…

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What Might the Future Hold?

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The Impact of the Next Administration By Sean Snaith One major source of uncertainty hanging over the U.S. economy has been resolved. To the surprise of many, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election and will be the country’s 45th…

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Designing & Delivering for Today’s Mobile Workforce

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CORT Furniture By Joni Luce The workplace is a dynamic, ever-changing environment, often undergoing fluctuations due to outside influences, cost saving measures and industry trends. Consider the design trends in 2000 compared to today – there are more differences than…

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Maintaining Millennial Talent

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Thoughtful Strategies By Nicole Blevins The millennial generation now outnumbers any other generation in the business world, and the number of them entering the workforce is projected to steadily increase in the coming years. It is now more important than…