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Best Practices | Beyond the Spin

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Beyond the Spin Top Questions To Ask A Prospective PR Firm In the spirit of transparency, I am going to share how we operate and what you should know when considering engaging the services of a public relations firm. Let…

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Best Practices | Independent Professionals

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FIVE ADVANTAGES OF COWORKING A SPACE SAVING ALTERNATIVE By now you have probably heard about coworking. It is a global movement that is growing every day. Coworking space is defined as membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers…

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Preventing Cybercrime | Fidelity Bank of Florida

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No Phishing Allowed! Protection Against Cyber Attacks With nearly any company imaginable connected to the Internet, the rise in cybercrime has increased exponentially. Companies from Yahoo to Target have experienced security breaches in recent years, leaving consumer information such as…

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Best Practices | Corporate Wellness

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How to Implement Wellness in the Millennial Workplace Get started, make it easy and go digital. Health and wellness programs are growing in popularity, becoming a staple in the workplace to ensure employees are checking in with their personal health…

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Best Practices | Personal Finance

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Preparing For Your Desirement Years Doubling your 401(K) Contributions We refer to the years when you are no longer working as the “Desirement Years” instead of retirement years. These years are typically after age 60 or 65 and are characterized…

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Top 5 Interviewer Mistakes

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Even the most seasoned interviewers make mistakes. And those mistakes may be costing you the best talent. So, here are the Top 5 interviewer mistakes and our tips to help you avoid them. Mistake #1: Jumping to Conclusions The outcome…