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Embraer’s New Seating Facility

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A Windfall for North Brevard Embraer’s new Aero Seating Technologies facility in Titusville promises to have a wide-ranging impact felt not just throughout the city or county, but the state of Florida and perhaps the entire world of commercial airline…

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Measuring Employee Success

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Insuring Retirement Readiness [By: Robert DeVries] I have previously written about The Power of Automating Your Retirement (Auto 5) to help improve the retirement lives of your employees.  These Auto 5 tools are: Automatic Enrollment Automatic Qualified Default Investment Alternative…

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Is Your Business Compliant?


What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You! [By: Sam Neff] Modern business owners deal with struggles that are very different than the ones faced by previous generations of entrepreneurs. This includes an increasingly competitive business landscape, challenges of attracting and…

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Up Close | Tim Reynolds of Wild Manta

Business, Up Close

With Tim Reynolds How should the region define a successful entrepreneur? If it is one who builds and then enjoys a successful exit from their company, then reinvests their resources and acumen back into their community, facilitating new businesses and…

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Have you ever wondered what is the effect on employees who are working in structured, cubicle office style environments? Did you ever consider whether they would be more motivated or collaborative in an open style work environment? Ever improving technology…

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The Manufacturing Renaissance

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American manufacturing is in the midst of a renaissance. As countries like China have industrialized, their cost of living has risen, along with their costs to produce goods exported around the world. This trend coupled with the rapid development of…