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Regional Overview: DISTRICT 4

Business, Management

There are lots of economic pluses to be found in Mary Bolin’s County Commission district, and Bolin says she is upbeat about what lies ahead. “If there is one word I could use to describe the current business and economic…

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Regional Overview: DISTRICT 3

Business, Management

It’s not just the traditional manufacturing businesses that County Commissioner Trudie Infantini says are the ones that are shining these days in District 3.  Rather, she says the South Brevard district is being helped by expansions and new facilities at…

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Tough All Over

Business, Money

by Dave Berman Government Leaders Stepping Up to Manage through Tighter County Budgets Much like their private-sector counterparts, managers within Brevard County government and the Brevard school system are adapting to the current economic realities.  With their budget-making processes for…

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Adventures in Missing the Point

Business, Leadership

Getting Focused in 2010 When you were a kid and knew firsthand what an electric shock felt like, did you ever look at a bird perched on a wire and wonder why it wasn’t electrocuted?  I later learned that because…

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New Frontiers in Taxation

Business, Money

Reassessing Your Liability Whether or not NASA is granted enough money to continue the exploration of space in future years is uncertain.  What is certain is the strong likelihood that your taxes will go up. Government debt is skyrocketing, and…

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The Arts & Culture

Business, Development

A Integral Piece of the Fabric of Brevard We are so fortunate to have such a variety of arts and culture to choose from in Brevard County. Music, dance, theatre, the visual arts, festivals, exhibits, historical places of interest and…

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Regional Overview: District 5

Business, Management

Brevard County Commissioner Andy Anderson is hoping for an economic turnaround in his district, spearheaded by a variety of sectors. Two of the larger employers in Anderson’s 5th District are high-tech giants Harris Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. Harris continues…

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Volunteerism in the Modern Age

Business, Development

Businesswomen Find Right Fit in Junior League When my husband and I moved to Florida in 2006, getting involved in the local community was a priority for me.   I must admit that when my mother-in-law first suggested the Junior League,…

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Paying Attention to Women Pays Off

Business, Development

Women impact financial results.  According to a 2004 study by Catalyst, a women’s research and advisory organization, Fortune 500 companies with the highest percentages of women corporate officers saw, on average, 35{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} higher return on equity and a 34{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} higher…