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Thriving In the New Economy

Business, Development

What is the Recession Telling Us? There is good news in the offing: economic recovery is a foregone conclusion.  If there is anything we know about the swing of a pendulum, it is that it always goes both ways.  I…

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Making Dollars and Sense of the ‘New Normal’

Business, Money

Both consumers and financial institutions have become more careful with their money, a trend that is likely to continue as the nation starts to mount its economic recovery.  Local banking executives say their industry as a whole is remaining cautious…

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The Art of Liquidity

Business, Money

Thriving Where Cash is King “Revenue is vanity, margin is sanity and cash is king.”  The saying is old, but its truth has surely been re-proven during the past 18 months.  Liquidity and cash flow are the financial grease that…

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Focusing on Regional Strengths

Business, Development

Today’s challenging economic climate makes it more imperative than ever to accentuate the positive about the Space Coast business environment and also to consider what we can do better. A number of strong initiatives are underway to promote growth.  These…

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The Roth IRA – Popular Once Again

Business, Money

A Timely Consideration for Your Portfolio Thirteen years after its inception, the Roth IRA is once again a conversation piece at the office water cooler and households around the country.  Not since the Tax Relief Act of 1997 has the…

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Don’t Be Fooled!

Business, Money

Embezzlement affects all types of organizations large and small – yes, even grassroots non-profits, religious organizations, youth sports leagues, family-run businesses, and homeowner associations.  Yet many small businesses are in denial that embezzlement is a reality they must consider.  Well…

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Superior Technical Resources

Business, Management

If you’re looking for signs that employers are hiring again, Chris Delaney can help point the way.  Delaney is director of client recruiting services for Superior Technical Resources, working out of the firm’s Palm Bay office. A snapshot of business…