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It’s Your Time

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Students and Alumni Share Their Experiences at Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business The first MBA was offered at Dartmouth College 116 years ago. Like transportation, communication, global economics, and well, everything – the MBA continues to rapidly evolve….

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Focused Education for a Better Life | Florida Technical College

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Often the motivation that brings students to Florida Technical College is perhaps 33 percent desire or 33 percent opportunity, but it is also 33 percent fear. FTC turns those fears into an actionable plan, from certificate programs than enable a graduate to get a better job, to a baccalaureate degrees that are the doorway into a new career.

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Carol Craig


How Does She Do It All? Google “‘Carol Craig’ AND ‘Craig Technologies’” and about 3,700 results appear, so needless to say this self-described “accidental entrepreneur” has garnered a lot of attention over the past decade.

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Play Here-Work Here

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Our beaches beckon. Our access to space lures, and our cruises can take you to more places. The Space Coast has become one of the area’s most well rounded tourist destinations.