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Focused Education for a Better Life | Florida Technical College

Business, Talent Pipeline

Often the motivation that brings students to Florida Technical College is perhaps 33 percent desire or 33 percent opportunity, but it is also 33 percent fear. FTC turns those fears into an actionable plan, from certificate programs than enable a graduate to get a better job, to a baccalaureate degrees that are the doorway into a new career.

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Carol Craig


How Does She Do It All? Google “‘Carol Craig’ AND ‘Craig Technologies’” and about 3,700 results appear, so needless to say this self-described “accidental entrepreneur” has garnered a lot of attention over the past decade.

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Play Here-Work Here

Business, Leadership

Our beaches beckon. Our access to space lures, and our cruises can take you to more places. The Space Coast has become one of the area’s most well rounded tourist destinations.

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A Regional High-Tech Powerhouse

Business, Development

From the hills of Silicon Valley, to the automotive innovation rolling off production lines in Detroit, to the Ivy League capital of the country in Boston, to an entrepreneurial epicenter in Seattle, some of the biggest advancements in technology to be introduced to the world have been born from these talent-rich cluster regions.

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CERTON Moves Into Medical

Business, Development

Engineering Innovative Solutions By Cindi Courbat CERTON, Inc. is a proven industry leader in safety-critical systems, software, and electronic hardware certification.  Having built its reputation on providing independent verification and validation services to the commercial aerospace industry, the company is turning…

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Shepherd’s Hope Prescribes Compassion


For Uninsured and Underinsured Patients By N. Ellen Callahan In early 2010, Robert Siegrist, now 34, was leading a healthy and happy life. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Central Florida with a business administration degree and…

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What &Barr Learned from Rebranding


Taking a Look in the Mirror As an agency that has spent the past 58 years creating or enhancing the brands of some of the most recognizable companies not only in Central Florida and across the state, but around the…