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Top Ten Secrets to Corporate Success

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In my consulting engagements, I am often asked by clients how best to advance their careers. My response is always the same: “It is like stacking cordwood—there is no secret to it—it just requires tireless hard work.” However, some fundamentals…

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5 Steps to Strengthen an Innovation Ecosystem


Today’s global economies are converging rapidly in large part due to technology advancements creating a new dynamically competitive global marketplace. This trend creates a way to compete for most developing global communities as technology creates a vehicle to entry for…

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Brevard Stories of Impact


Uncovering the Best in our Business Community When I first became involved with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast many years ago, I thought I knew what this organization did. But in the years since, as I became…

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The 10 Rules of Acquisition Integration


A Guide for Implementing an Effective Business Integration Plan The most important step of all acquisitions, which is often given the least amount of attention,   is integration. Integration is the process of combining two or more organizations, each with…

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Connecting With Clients and the Community

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Connors Wealth Management Bringing Value to Brevard Many high school students in New England dream of attending a college where the campus is bathed in sunshine, shaded by palm trees and students walk to class in shorts and sandals, instead…

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People to Watch in 2015


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2014 Business Leader of the Year: TRIBUTE


For over 20 years, Rob Varley has worked with the Space Coast Office of Tourism, navigating the transition from the area being a place where visitors came to watch Shuttle launches, to one of the largest cruise ship destinations in the world.