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Lake Nona’s Medical City


Research, Treatment, Education and Commerce Achieving Critical Mass   It has been described as “The Intersection.” A place where concepts from diverse industries, cultures and disciplines collide, producing a chain reaction of new ideas that ultimately lead to extraordinary innovations….

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So You Want to Be Found Online?


How Google Is Changing the SEO Algorithm Not many people have enough time in their day to seek out how updates of Google’s algorithms may affect the ranking of their website. Business and web companies are still catching up from…

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Developing the Transportation Grid of the Future


UCF’s Solar Energy Center Eyes Electric Vehicles By Sherri Shields As plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) continue to roll out of factories and onto the streets, the nation is strategizing how to best integrate them into our power grid and highways….

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No Waste in this Space


Waste Management Converting Trash to Energy By Carl Kotala   Waste Management, which serves 20 million customers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico – including Brevard County – is producing enough renewable energy to power 1.2 million homes…

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Building on Sustainability


The Team, Dream and Legacy Behind LifeStyle Homes   In the thick of the Great Recession, Central Florida’s real estate market was ranked the third worst in the U.S. The Space Shuttle program was gearing up for retirement and the…

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The Seven Deadly Sins…


…of Early-Stage Funding Requests In The Art of Bootstrapping, Guy Kawasaki said, “The probability of an entrepreneur getting venture capital is the same as getting struck by lightning while standing at the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny…

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Success … What a RUSH!


RUSH Construction Celebrates 30 Years RUSH Construction, Inc. specializes in taking on the kinds of projects their competitors won’t touch. But what really sets the company apart from the rest is a reputation it has been building for 30 years. Not only…

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ACi Architects


Creating Added Value through Sense of Place Human beings have an intuitive and universal attraction to the synergy of design and function, much like our attraction to the blending of music and lyrics, which creates a memorable song.  We are…

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Protecting the Value of Your Creativity


When it comes to protecting intellectual property, consider a slight twist of phrase on a popular old AAmco commercial: “You can pay a lawyer now, or pay him and someone else a lot more later.” This could be considered to…

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Breaking Down the Startup Barriers


LaunchPad40 Accelerates New Business Countdown For anyone who understands the drive and motivating factors that once spurred our community to pull together and explore our galaxy, the potential for technically talented individuals to re-invent themselves as business owners should come…