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From End to End


Morse Communications Connecting You to the Future Communication in our world today is all about speed, efficiency, and simplicity – how to get the clearest message out in the shortest span of time. At its root, Morse Code was developed…

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Aviation Alley

Business, Development

The New Aerospace Sector By George White East Central Florida is still known as “The Space Coast,” but considering the history and recent industrial growth, led by development of the Melbourne International Airport, a moniker like “Aviation Alley” might be…

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Bill Brown: Building Innovation & Excellence


Harris Continues to Broaden Its Competitive Advantage When almost half a company’s workforce of nearly 14,000 employees are engineers and scientists, developing some of the world’s most advanced technology, it creates a culture of unparalleled excellence. This includes the latest air…

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The Local Brew


Playalinda Brewing Company Opening Soon There were 66 craft breweries in Florida as of 2013, ranking 13th in the nation, according to the Brewers Association. With an economic impact of $875.8 million and 129,946 barrels of craft beer being produced…

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BRPH at 50 years


Five Decades of Designing, Building and Imagining When a company cuts its corporate teeth on the design and engineering work for some of the most technically complex and challenging structures in the country, that experience establishes a certain culture and…

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Lifesaving Innovation


Sun Nuclear Corporation continues Expansion Its innovations have helped shape the way medical organizations around the world deliver safe and effective radiation treatments to cancer patients. But with trees shrouding their facility on Suntree Blvd., it’s easy to drive by…

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The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of


Sodexo: The Leader in Quality of Life Services They improve the performance of many of the most familiar and iconic companies and organizations in Central Florida, yet to most their name isn’t familiar. Located in communities throughout the I-4 corridor…

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Reliability That Makes Connections


Teledyne Oil & Gas Growing Locally and Globally Dr. Henry Singleton and Dr. George Kozmetsky formed Teledyne Technologies back in 1960 to capitalize on the wave of innovation that would take place as digital technology replaced analog devices and systems….

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Florida Polytechnic University


STEM Focused Entrepreneurialism It is innovative in its purpose, its approach and its first landmark building, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Looking more like Starfleet Academy, Florida Polytechnic University’s new home, visible from I-4 in Lakeland, opened its doors to…