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Fit for the Pros


Disney World and Cocoa Expo Draw the Amateur Athletes By Patrick Peterson A new kind of tourist has been rolling into town, and they wear special shoes. They still come in the family van, but it’s loaded with gloves, bats, soccer…

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The Golf Channel


Fulfilling Palmer’s Vision By Carl Kotala In a country full of ravenous sports fans, it was the first of its kind. In fact, it is so well respected in its community that the street where its headquarters are located now…

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Protecting Teams at the Top


Sports Just One Specialty of Insurance Office of America (IOA) While we watch our favorite teams on television or attend professional sporting events, we often don’t realize the business that’s exchanged or the risk that occurs behind the scenes. Who…

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Bass Pro Shop & Stick Marsh


Palm Bay’s New National Destination It was an inauspicious beginning, but small beginnings are what American entrepreneurialism is all about. John L. Morris, owner of the privately held Bass Pro Shops estimated to be worth $4 billion and employing over…

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The Power of Partnerships

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Collaboration and Leadership Transforming Downtown through World-Class Cultural and Sporting Amenities “The innovative cities of the coming age will develop a creative union of technology, arts and civics.” —Sir Peter Hall It could be described as a “cast of thousands,” but…

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Medical Construction on the Rise

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Local Projects Bring Booming Economy By Patrick Peterson While everyone believes tourism is the biggest part of Central Florida’s economy, a new sector has claimed a big part of the future. Health care construction projects are widespread and are expected…

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Lake Nona’s Medical City


Research, Treatment, Education and Commerce Achieving Critical Mass   It has been described as “The Intersection.” A place where concepts from diverse industries, cultures and disciplines collide, producing a chain reaction of new ideas that ultimately lead to extraordinary innovations….

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So You Want to Be Found Online?


How Google Is Changing the SEO Algorithm Not many people have enough time in their day to seek out how updates of Google’s algorithms may affect the ranking of their website. Business and web companies are still catching up from…

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Developing the Transportation Grid of the Future


UCF’s Solar Energy Center Eyes Electric Vehicles By Sherri Shields As plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) continue to roll out of factories and onto the streets, the nation is strategizing how to best integrate them into our power grid and highways….

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No Waste in this Space


Waste Management Converting Trash to Energy By Carl Kotala   Waste Management, which serves 20 million customers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico – including Brevard County – is producing enough renewable energy to power 1.2 million homes…