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Factors that All Investors Should Know


Clarifying Your Capacity and Tolerance for Risk Understanding your risk tolerance is complex, and the standard questionnaire provided by financial planners may not capture an accurate picture. One reason is they sometimes combine different aspects of the risk profile that…

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Are Patents Still Beneficial?


Historic Protection on Innovative Overload It is difficult to keep abreast of business news and not be aware of hotly contested patent litigation these days. Apple and Samsung have been battling it out over whether Samsung infringed a patent protecting…

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The Nature of the Business Lifecycle


A business is much like a living being. It evolves through cycles – start-up (birth), growth, and maturity. Therefore, like a living being, it is essential that business leaders understand the nature and requirements of each developmental stage. The Start-Up…

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Who Is That Masked Man?


Detecting the Impression Managers A scorpion approached the riverbank, saw a frog and asked, “May I have a ride to the other side?” The frog said, “No, you are a scorpion and you will sting and kill me.” The scorpion…