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Contents – Oct 2012


SpaceCoast Business OCTOBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 7   FEATURES   A Passion for Education Jim Richey Envisions a New Era for BCC   Is There an MBA in Your Future? It May Be Closer than You Think…

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Q and A with Michelle Irwin

Business, Profiles, Women in Business

  Q and A   NAME: Michelle Irwin   TITLE: Director of Communications/PIO, Brevard Public Schools   MARRIED: Yes, to Dan Irwin   CHILDREN:  Three of the best: Danielle (22), her husband Matt Steiner (25), Shane (20), and Shannon (17)…

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Out of the Ordinary: Mary Daugherty

Business, Profiles

OUT OF THE ORDINARY Mary Daugherty   Owner, Mary’s Downtown Salsa   Over 20 years ago, Mary Daugherty, a lover of Mexican food, concocted a salsa recipe in an effort to please her own taste buds.  In sharing it with others,…

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More than Just a Pretty Picture

Business, Development

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT   More than Just a Pretty Picture Arts and Culture Contribute to Economic Prosperity by Neil Levine   Arts and cultural offerings in Brevard County offer an astonishing breadth of wonderful experiences for both residents and visitors.  These…

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A Leadership Crisis

Business, Leadership

VISION   A Leadership Crisis It’s Up to Individuals to Take Accountability for our Future by Jeff Piersall   If you place a bullfrog in boiling water he will jump out of it.  However, if you place a bullfrog in…

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The Secret Life of Bees

Business, Leadership

VALUES   The Secret Life of Bees Learning the Dance of Cooperation by Eric Wright   Being in the magazine trade, I tend to peruse every publication I come across for graphic quality, editorial content, even feel and texture.  Then…

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Preserving Our Future

Business, Money

EDUCATION Preserving Our Future Half-Cent Sales Tax Necessary to Maintain Brevard Public Schools’ Services by Brian Binggeli   We often hear that our school district must live within its means.  I agree.  With this in mind, I offer the following….