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Nemours Children’s Hospital

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Designed by Families for Families by Sue DeWerff   An array of eight colorful mood enhancing lights shine through the windows by night from the patient rooms of Central Florida’s newest seven-story pediatric facility, Nemours Children’s Hospital.  They not only…

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Adversity Is Really Opportunity

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Why This Could Be the Best of Times by Jeff Piersall   “Adversity is needed in order to become successful.” – Zig Ziglar   The rules are changing, but the game is still the same, and the principles of success…

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Social Media MythBusters

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The Truths about Making Connections by Scott Brazdo   Social Media Myth #1: Bigger Is Always Better The number of Facebook fans your business has does not matter if you aren’t engaging them in an effective way.  Big brands like…

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Using Mindsets to Master Your Goals

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New Mental Habits Unlock Opportunities by Rick McCotter   There are two simple, yet powerful mindsets, that when employed consistently into your daily life, will rapidly shift you into a new dimension of success.  I’m talking about “the Power of…

Sheriff Jack Parker
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2012 Business Leader of the Year – TRIBUTE

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Jack Parker Sheriff, Brevard County   Our July 2011 cover story began with, “What’s not to admire about Sheriff Jack Parker?  He has an infectious enthusiasm about the community, loves his job and co-workers and enjoys the great outdoors with…

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Leaders, Followers and Losers

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You’ve Got to ‘Know the Difference’ by Jeff Piersall   Just as technology and information have exponentially increased, so too, has the loss of our basic human fundamental for discernment.  The lotto and microwave mentality seems to have caused people…

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Hearing the Whisper of Tradition

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Don’t Miss the Treasure Hidden In the Season by Eric Wright Our modern culture often criticizes traditions, especially when the meaning or purpose behind the tradition gets lost.  Once a new rabbi came to a synagogue where the people were…