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What’s Your Retirement Confidence Level?

Business, Development

Here are 5 Ways to Increase It In a recent survey titled “The 2011 Retirement Confidence Survey,” retirement confidence levels among working Americans are at a record low, with many questioning their ability to afford a comfortable retirement. This low…

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Most Admired Businesspeople: Wes Covell

Business, Leadership

It is almost a cliché that “everyone’s busy,” yet there are those rare individuals that make the time to serve their community. One stellar example is Wesley (Wes) Covell, Vice President of Strategy and Chief Growth Officer for Harris Corporation. Somehow he…

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Survival of the Fittest

Business, Development

Adapting to an Evolving Workforce The world has changed and it is not going to change back. Older workers are feeling pressure because pension plans are failing and they have to remain in their jobs longer. And that means they…

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Most Admired Businesspeople: Matt Barringer

Business, Leadership

“Matt Barringer has appeared on the business and social scene like a tornado, taking a leadership role in all he participates in. Matt cares about people, cares about North Brevard and cares about Titusville.” That is how Bobby Socks of…

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Gaining Access to the Space Coast’s Finest

Business, Leadership

LEAD Brevard Hosts Annual YP Opportunity ACCESS – the ability or right to approach, enter, exit, communicate with, or make use of,” that is LEAD Brevard’s ACCESS 2012, an evening of shared access between existing community leaders and those who…

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SCB 100 The Most Admired Businesspeople

Business, Profiles

That is how the dictionary defines “admire,” though Ambrose Bierce once defined it as, “Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.” What we admire in others is certainly what we hope and yearn to see in the mirror and…

Best Practice Management
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Building for Tomorrow

Business, Management, Talent Pipeline

Leadership Development through Mentoring The global economic downturn that has adversely impacted businesses in the United States during the past few years has raised concern over the many new challenges facing leaders. As businesses expand globally and compete internationally, leadership…

The Entrepreneur's Spiritual Journey by Jeff Piersall
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Service Leads to Success

Business, Management

Breaking Out from the Pack Has Its Challenges and Its Rewards From a napkin to over 200,000 readers, the story of SCB Marketing is “service to others.”  Having breakfast at Niki’s Restaurant in December of 2005 with Josh Field, we…

Chamber of Commerce - SpaceCoast Business Best Practice
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No Hiding Behind the Shrubs!

Business, Development

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Preventing a crime at your place of business might be as simple as the shrubs in front of your window, the lights in your parking lot, or what’s in your window. These are the principles…

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A Small Business Success Story

Business, Development

Coastal Steel is Making its Mark It has been proven that the key to economic growth and new jobs are small businesses. In Brevard County, 63 percent of companies are classified as small businesses. Our economy continues to grow despite…