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Twitter for Business

Business, Business Technology, Development

A Tool for Professional Growth by Susan Bearden When many business professionals think of Twitter, they often think of it strictly as a marketing and promotional tool. However, twitter can be a fantastic tool for networking and professional growth. I…

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Help: When and Where It’s Needed

Business, Leadership

Service Leadership Brevard Program by Kristin Bakke Brevard County has been hit hard by the economic recession. The end of the Space Shuttle program, the downturn in the housing market, a loss of more than 20,000 jobs, and a sharp…

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Building and Protecting Your Nest Egg

Business, Money

How Career Moves Can Affect Your Investments by Steven Audino The days when an employee would spend his or her entire career with the same company appear to be all but gone. Nowadays, beyond simply changing jobs over the course…

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Is Your Nonprofit at Risk?

Business, Money

275,000 Lost Their Tax-Exempt Status in 2011 by Juliana Kreul There are close to 2 million tax-exempt organizations operating in the United States. Until recently, once your organization received its determination from the IRS that it was exempt, it was…

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Chef Ramsay’s Recipe for Leadership

Business, Leadership

Steps in the Art of Corporate Turnaround by Kathleen Rich-New The most dreaded question around my house is, “What’s for dinner?” So I find it ironic to be hooked on a BBC America TV cooking show and writing about it….

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Staying On the Cutting Edge

Business, Leadership

Combining the Key Ingredients of Success by Eric Wright Over the last few years I have had the privilege of interviewing some of the most significant leaders on the Space Coast – from CEO’s and entrepreneurs to members of Congress…