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Barn Light Electric Company

Business, Management

Turning a Passion into a Sensation There is something in most of us that likes a connection with the past or even a piece of it.  Otherwise PBS’s “Antique Road Show” wouldn’t be the most popular program on Public Television. …

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Dr. Jasin Youmans, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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Educating Patients for Positive Outcomes Honesty, caring and comfort are the three cornerstones of Jasin Youmans, DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, a comprehensive general dentistry practice in Melbourne.  “We’re off to a great start,” says Dr. Youmans since opening his…

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Q and A with Mohammad Hatefi

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Title: Owner, 2000 AUTO Married: I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for almost 33 years. Children: I have two wonderful children: daughter, Maryam, 28; and son, Mateen, 21. Years in Brevard: We’ve been in Brevard for 26 years and love it…

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Unlocking the Keys to Growth

Business, Development

Finding Help and Opportunities Should you stay or should you grow?  As a business owner, making the decision to expand your company can be a nerve-racking process.  Though the decision to do so might be tough, the rewards and benefits…

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Minding the Gap

Business, Development

Due Diligence Applies to Cultures As local businesses explore the global economy and contemplate broadening their reach, one of the items that might not be at the top of the priority list (but should be) is researching culture and understanding…

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Building through Cooperation

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How Trust Can Expand Your Market Share People, companies and organizations often struggle to cooperate today because their egos don’t allow them to see the benefits of strategic alliances.  Simply put, nobody believes in trust any more.  Therefore, business owners…

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Do Municipal Bonds Still Belong in Your Portfolio?

Business, Money

Know the Risks and Benefits Before Deciding News about risk of defaults has prompted some investors to sell off at least some of these fixed income holdings, but that may prove to be short-sighted. Historically, municipal bonds have not generated…

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What? So What? Now What?

Business, Leadership

There’s much to Gain by Staying Active with an Organization after Graduation “The What?” is any professional or personal development course, such as Leadership Brevard, in which you have participated.  The “So What?” is now knowing more about yourself, your…

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Features: Mike Means – Entrepreneur of the Year The New Post-Shuttle Entrepreneurs – Former Space Workers Reach for New Heights Conquering the Coast – ESM Fills Niche for Eastern Surfing Coverage Sorelli Hair Studio and Spa – It’s All about…