Rush Construction, Parrish Medical Center
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Community Enhancement

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Specializing in all kinds of construction projects and having built a solid reputation in the Central Florida region, RUSH Construction has never failed to deliver a project on time and has logged more than three million man hours without any lost time due to injury.

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W&J Construction Celebrates 50 Years

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Building What Makes Brevard Great It is as large as the Smithsonian’s National  Air and Space Museum, and it shouldn’t be surprising that W&J Construction was chosen to build the $38 million, 100,000-sq.ft. Apollo/Saturn V Center at Kennedy Space Center. The…

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Medical Construction on the Rise

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Local Projects Bring Booming Economy By Patrick Peterson While everyone believes tourism is the biggest part of Central Florida’s economy, a new sector has claimed a big part of the future. Health care construction projects are widespread and are expected…