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inkID Biometric Password Manager

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COMPANY: inkID Biometric Password Manager LOCATION: Melbourne NAMES: Boyd Mark and Jeff Lammers, founders of inkIDtm WEBSITE: (Search “inkID” on Melbourne entrepreneurs are using to raise funds for completion of the inkID password management software. We challenge you to catch the wave of…

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Five Features You Need for Your New Website

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It’s time to upgrade your business’ web presence, and a new website is finally in the budget. Score! Building a new website is an amazing opportunity to grow your business and reach more customers online, but where should you begin? You know you want a website that looks good and attracts customers, but what does that take in 2015?

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Two Sides of Net Neutrality

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The Great Debate For a while it was hard to read or watch technology news without stumbling upon some article or salacious headline involving what is now becoming a household word – “net neutrality.” Net neutrality went from the back…