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Giving Back: Brevard Family Partnership

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  “Our goal is to put ourselves out of business,” says Brevard Family Partnership’s director of communications, Geo Ropert.  “We know that’s a lofty goal but in trying to attain it we strive, each day, to reduce the incidences of…

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Connections, Connections, Connections

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Speed Networking for Small Businesses by Julie Song What do you get when you combine the concept of speed dating with business?  Opportunity. This was the platform used for the 2012 Brevard Small Business Assistance Council’s (BSBAC) annual Business Resource…

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Is There an MBA in Your Future?

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Is There an MBA in Your Future? It May Be Closer than You Think by Eric Wright   In most career tracks – whether someone is an engineer, a CPA, an educator, or in sales and marketing – they face…

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More than Just a Pretty Picture

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT   More than Just a Pretty Picture Arts and Culture Contribute to Economic Prosperity by Neil Levine   Arts and cultural offerings in Brevard County offer an astonishing breadth of wonderful experiences for both residents and visitors.  These…

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Devereux Florida Celebrates 25 Years

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GIVING BACK Devereux Florida Celebrates 25 Years   It is hard to believe that only twenty-five years ago there were few service options for children and teens suffering from behavioral, emotional or developmental disorders in Florida.  Fortunately, Judge Fran Jamieson…

You Don't Create an Edge by Eric Wright
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You Don’t Create an Edge


Creativity Is the Edge Next to courage, the most essential ingredient in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit has to be creativity. We have a myriad of terms for it – innovation, originality, ingenuity, thinking outside of the box, etc. – but…