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Nemours Children’s Hospital

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Designed by Families for Families by Sue DeWerff   An array of eight colorful mood enhancing lights shine through the windows by night from the patient rooms of Central Florida’s newest seven-story pediatric facility, Nemours Children’s Hospital.  They not only…

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Using Mindsets to Master Your Goals

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New Mental Habits Unlock Opportunities by Rick McCotter   There are two simple, yet powerful mindsets, that when employed consistently into your daily life, will rapidly shift you into a new dimension of success.  I’m talking about “the Power of…

Cocoa Expo Sports Center
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Renewing Cocoa Expo Sports Center

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The Best Is Yet to Come Renewing Cocoa Expo Sports Center by Eric Wright   A rebirth is taking place on the Space Coast, which will bring thousands of visitors every year, generate millions of dollars in tourist revenue and…

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That’s Not a Fantasy…

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It’s your Goal! by Rick McCotter You have to believe it to see it.   At one time, it was said that the human body could not physically run a four-minute mile.  Roger Bannister achieved the four-minute mile in 1954,…

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Giving Back: Brevard Family Partnership

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  “Our goal is to put ourselves out of business,” says Brevard Family Partnership’s director of communications, Geo Ropert.  “We know that’s a lofty goal but in trying to attain it we strive, each day, to reduce the incidences of…

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Connections, Connections, Connections

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Speed Networking for Small Businesses by Julie Song What do you get when you combine the concept of speed dating with business?  Opportunity. This was the platform used for the 2012 Brevard Small Business Assistance Council’s (BSBAC) annual Business Resource…

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Is There an MBA in Your Future?

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Is There an MBA in Your Future? It May Be Closer than You Think by Eric Wright   In most career tracks – whether someone is an engineer, a CPA, an educator, or in sales and marketing – they face…