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Cross Cultural Contributions

Business, Development

The Growing Gift of the Indian-Americans An educated, innovative and hard-working population, the Indian-American community continues to enrich the U.S. market with new businesses, products, technologies and management practices.  Today, this group is one of the country’s biggest assets in…

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Searching for Silver Linings

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Job Outlook for Recent College Graduates “This spring’s college graduates face better job prospects than the dismal environment encountered by last year’s grads.  But that doesn’t mean the job market is thriving,” so reported The New York Times in May. …

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Growing Brevard’s Manufacturing Base

Business, Development, Manufacturing

Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) by Julie Song Manufacturing is a significant engine that drives the Sunshine State’s economy with high-paying jobs, innovation and opportunity.  Brevard County has a large part to play in the success of this industry.  When…

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New Day, New Opportunity

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Leveraging Our Assets as We Redefine There is a secret here in the Space Coast – a hidden treasure, an unpolished jewel.  What’s that secret?  We are intrinsically suited for “green businesses.”  Where else can a company find transportable skills,…

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Celebrating the Shuttle Legacy

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Atlantis Addition to Make Memories for Millions by William Moore Over the last few years, we have lived through a period of transition surrounding the Space Shuttle Program.  Now that a direction has been identified, it is time to usher…

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Need a Hardware Upgrade?

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Look for These Five Signs Unfortunately, computer systems don’t last forever.  Software needs to be constantly updated and hardware needs to be kept in good shape to perform at maximum efficiency.  To help you identify key indications you’re due for…

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Certon Software is Soaring

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…and the Sky’s the Limit There are some industries where margins for error simply don’t exist, or as Gene Kranz said in Apollo 13, “Failure is not an option.”  Testing and certifying “safety critical” systems that operate the sophisticated avionics…

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Adapting to Change

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It Takes New Energy Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric, once advised, “Change before you have to.”  In some cases the applicable cliché might be, “Change before it is too late to.”  Harold Wilson, a British Prime Minister…

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Lightle Beckner Robison

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Challenging Times Spur Partnership and Progress To many, inside and outside the industry, the real estate market looks like Gettysburg after the third day of fighting.  With so much carnage, it’s difficult to choose winners.  Yet, even in these tumultuous…

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Sealing the Deal

Business, Development

SRI Hermetics’ Innovations Securing Global Business “I think most of our people are proud of the fact that our customers are able to achieve higher standards for their products by integrating our products into their systems,” declares Ed Taylor, operations…