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Why Do Some Media Reps Lie?

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Sifting Through the Bulls**t It’s amazing what some people will say to make a sale.  In the media business, quantitative analysis – e.g. number of readers, viewers or listeners; audience demographics; cost per thousand target audience – are typical metrics…

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Building Brevard’s Competitive Edge

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Turning Permitting Into an Asset Not a Quagmire When the going gets tough, the tough get…competitive.  That’s exactly what a group of business leaders across the Space Coast are focusing on as the economy continues to fluctuate.  Led by the…

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Paving the Way for our Future

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The St. John’s Heritage Parkway The County Commission room in Viera was packed on April 20th.  Some were holding S.O.S. signs for Save Our Subdivision, and various city and county officials were nervously pacing in the back of the room….

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E-governance is Good Governance

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Improving Efficiency through Online Technology As a small community benefit organization (CBO), also referred to as a “nonprofit,” the refrain of ‘doing less with more’ ranks high on the scale of least favorite phrases.  Yet it is one of the…

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Fostering the Genius of Entrepreneurialism

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Helping Build-Up the Builders of our Economy I recently spent a few days with the good people at the Edward Lowe Foundation.  The foundation encourages entrepreneurship as the source and strategy for economic growth, community development and economically independent individuals. …

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Developing an Effective Game Plan

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Your Business Plan is the Key to Everything How’s business?  Come on, tell me the truth.  Unless you are one of the very few who have learned how to find opportunity in tough times, I know the answer – business…

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Grow With It

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When One Door Closes… As we on the Space Coast join the rest of our state to save the space assets the United States has built here in Florida, it’s no question that the outlook for individual KSC shuttle workers…

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A Seedbed for Innovation and Initiative

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TRDA Cultivating Tech Start-Ups Four years ago, Lee Krause was a man with an idea.  A hearing-impaired Brevardian who was given a cochlear implant, Krause was frustrated by the amount of time and trouble it took to test and tune…

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Small Business Survival

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Keeping a Competitive Edge in Uncertain Times by Suzie DeBusk The times are a changing.  No longer are we looking to the future with a sense of hesitancy, but rather starting to feel the initial effects of an economy that…