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Fooling Some of the People Some of the Time

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Resume Fraud Is More Prevalent than You May Think One of the most common methods for applicants to present their knowledge, skills, and abilities to potential employers is the resume.  Resumes typically contain information regarding an applicant’s education, previous employment,…

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Working Together to Mend our Economy

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Working Together to Mend our Economy Using the Resources of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act As you may recall, LEAD Brevard has been focusing on the five general capacity building areas for grassroots Community Benefit Organizations (CBO) also known…

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Responding to the Call for Jobs

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A Rockledge business that helps process orders for subsidized home phone service is helping to ring up hundreds of jobs for the Brevard County economy.  This company joins several other major local players in the call center industry. Telecom Sales…

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DRS: Expanding and Innovating

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Efficiency and effectiveness are the key reasons the Melbourne facility of DRS Technologies Inc., one of the area’s largest defense contractors, is undergoing a major expansion. DRS is consolidating its Melbourne and Palm Bay Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (also…

Space Congress
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A Vision We Can’t Lose

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I want to tell you a story, a family story.  It’s about an extended American family.  This family’s day starts out with a weather report that can pinpoint approaching storms, which is important to Grandpa, who is the first up…

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Payne & the Port on Cruise Control

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Port Canaveral Continues Stimulating Local Economy Stan Payne is a satisfied man.  Six years after taking the position of chief executive of the Canaveral Port Authority, the port’s numbers are looking excellent, despite an economy that is less than that. …

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Florida Today Reinventing the News

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Publisher Retooling Company for Digital Age On the large bank of high-definition screens, video feeds stream breaking headlines and updates from around the state, country and world, while their homepage and its traffic analytics dominate the video landscape, which is…

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Thinking Critically

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Critical thinking is a term we hear a lot, but don’t often hear much discussion of what is meant by “thinking critically.”  Being able to define or describe critical thinking is not the same as being a critical thinker.  Knowing…