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It’s Not the Challenge, But the Response

Business, Development

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something because of your gender?  That you couldn’t be involved in something because of your physical characteristics?  That your career was limited because you decided to have children? Fortunately, I have been…

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The Power of Success

Business, Development

It’s about Responsibility As we peruse the list of influential and powerful business leaders in our community, it’s interesting to note the similarities among them.  Some have built their success on determination and hard work.  We recognize many of them…

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Is Brevard Lost on its own Island?

Business, Development

How Regional Thinking May Chart our Preferred Future Should local regions see themselves as economic unions or strategic partners, instead of competitors?  That is a question that many in positions of leadership in the business and civic arena are grappling…

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Central Florida’s New ‘Medical City’

Business, Development

Tracking the Regional Impact of the Lake Nona Science and Technology Park Within its relatively compact 600 acres, “Medical City” packs a huge economic punch for Central Florida, stretching well into the Space Coast.  The project, in the Lake Nona…

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Waste Management:Our Trash, Their Treasure

Business, Development

It is often said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  With over $13 billion in revenue in 2008, Waste Management is living proof of this adage.  As the largest waste company in North America, Waste Management is responsible…

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Thriving In the New Economy

Business, Development

What is the Recession Telling Us? There is good news in the offing: economic recovery is a foregone conclusion.  If there is anything we know about the swing of a pendulum, it is that it always goes both ways.  I…

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Focusing on Regional Strengths

Business, Development

Today’s challenging economic climate makes it more imperative than ever to accentuate the positive about the Space Coast business environment and also to consider what we can do better. A number of strong initiatives are underway to promote growth.  These…

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Rules to Thrive By

Business, Development

After almost 30 years in the staffing industry, I still can’t wait to go to work in the morning.  I don’t take success for granted, since as a female professional, I know the effort and perseverance it required.  It may…

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Thinking of Moving to Florida?

Business, Development

Having spent twenty years living in Florida, enough to officially declare myself a native, I placed my only son in the hands of Florida Institute of Technology and set out to continue a career in the electric vehicle industry and…

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Collaboration and Community Engagement

Business, Development

This second article in a series from LEAD Brevard deals with “capacity building” as it relates to the nonprofit community sector. To protect, preserve and expand your mission in turbulent times, you must add collaboration to your tool box.  In…