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The Evolving Workforce: Women at Work

Business, Development

Women have made significant gains in the workforce.  Sean Snaith, director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the University of Central Florida’s College of Business Administration notes that, “Two or three decades ago, a role model for girls might…

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Technology Changing Today’s Media Landscape

Business, Development, Technology

Paradoxically, the more things change the more marketing remains the same.  Regardless of the myriad of transformations affecting the marketing environment – e.g. demographic trends, economic cycles, product innovation, and technological advancements – the core of the discipline remains constant. …

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An Ounce of Prevention

Business, Development

My job is helping people resolve disputes.  Sometimes I work as an advocate for one side, sometimes as a neutral mediator helping people find their own solutions and sometimes as an arbitrator making decisions for them. My observation is that…

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The Global Warming Debate

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Periodically, there is a barrage of e-mail in my inbox questioning the science that suggests global warming is occurring.  When such an e-mail deluge strikes I embrace my ability to think critically.  My thoughts go like this: The concern with…

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The Arts & Culture

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A Integral Piece of the Fabric of Brevard We are so fortunate to have such a variety of arts and culture to choose from in Brevard County. Music, dance, theatre, the visual arts, festivals, exhibits, historical places of interest and…

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Volunteerism in the Modern Age

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Businesswomen Find Right Fit in Junior League When my husband and I moved to Florida in 2006, getting involved in the local community was a priority for me.   I must admit that when my mother-in-law first suggested the Junior League,…

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Brevard Workforce: A Fresh Start

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New Services, Programs Define Organization Brevard Workforce Development Board is known to different people in different ways.  The historical approach of separate brands for our various audiences worked fairly successfully for many years under Brevard Job Link, but our services…

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2010 U.S. Census is Worth Money…

Business, Development

…and Lots of It for Brevard! The 2010 Census is coming!  Why should you fill it out?  Because it is additional revenue for our community – the federal government distributes billions of tax dollars based on census numbers. During the…

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Building on Our Momentum into 2010

Business, Development

EDC Strategic Plan Gathering Local, State Support Momentum is the product of mass and velocity.  This definition translates well to economic development in Brevard.  The mass is the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast, made up of over 200…