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Wayne Ivey | Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

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In most people’s minds the purpose of law enforcement is to apprehend criminals, which of course is true. But for Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, his mission takes on another, perhaps more significant, dimension — to prevent crime from ever taking place.

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William Chivers | Rush Construction

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The founder of RUSH Construction once referred to his company as a “30-year-old startup.” Much of that vibrancy and innovation can be credited to the company’s president, William Chivers, though he would be the first to deflect it to his team. Founded in 1984, RUSH worked almost exclusively on government and government-related contracts for the first decade of its existence, but due to the cyclical nature of the space industry, Chivers has helped move the company towards a more diverse track.

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A Program of Prominence


At the Clemente Center, Florida Tech Athletic Director Bill Jurgens exits his office and descends the staircase, passing the view of senior point guard Patrick Anderson getting some shots up on the practice court.

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Claim Your Celebrity Status


Bridging Innovation and Industry There are two sides to technology: ideation and implementation. Eliminating the hurdles between bold ideas and real-world solutions is the goal of BRIDG — Bridging the Innovation Development Gap — and the opening of the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research…

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Brevard Year in Review


In our Economic Development issue, we looked at Brevard County’s revamped space industry with the help from Bill Dymond of Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.

Beacon Roofing
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Labor For Learning


There are many ways people can enter professions. Many gather experience while in college or trade school, graduate and find work in their chosen sector. Others begin in one department and work their way up through the organization. For others, essential skills are acquired through a Labor for Learning program.

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Helping Turn Financial Planning Right Side Up

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Jeff Small, Arbor Financial by: Eric Wright For many people, when it comes to investing, they feel a little like the vast majority of Floridians felt watching the predicted tracks of Hurricane Irma. People were preparing to leave, preparing to…