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The Fix Therapy | Don’t Just Manage Pain, Fix It


Whether living with chronic, persistent and nagging pain for years or recently experiencing an injury, your goal is to quickly recover and return to what you love. The Fix Therapy is a unique alternative compared to other treatment options. John…

Medtech 2018
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MedTech 2018 | Innovations in Medical Treatment and Technology


New technologies are driving medical innovations across Central Florida. A sample of activity reveals great promise for the treatment of cancer, robotic surgeries, cardiology care and the emergence of new products. By Michael Candelaria Mathematical Speaking Math makes a difference,…

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Nano Discovery | Bridging the Laboratory to Marketplace Gap


Dr. Qun Huo’s device occupies no more space than a small, portable printer, and its portability and affordability may have implications for those seeking testing in remote, underserved regions. The Internet, GPS, seat belts, lithium-ion batteries, plasma and touch screens,…

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The Tree of Life | Medicine Taps the Moringa Tree


Medical research is tapping into the medicinal qualities of plants, and one in particular, the moringa tree, is being touted for its immense wealth of healthy components and phytonutrients. With technological innovations making headlines in the healthcare sector, it is…

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Bright Futures For All


Desmond Blackburn is not only preparing Brevard County Public School students to work in their desired industries, but also to be leaders and innovators, and ultimately to lead fulfilling lives as a result. By Eric Wright For someone who was…

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Charting a New Course


Captained by industry leader Tony Landry, RUSH Marine sets sail, ushering in a “new era” for its longstanding parent company. By Michael Candelaria Out of high school in his native Louisiana, Tony Landry began his career in marine construction as…

coca village
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Ehre die Familie


Fidelity Bank of Florida helps Von Stephan “Honor the Family” By Ryan Randall When starting a business, there are many different factors that can drive an individual. For some people, it is the desire to provide a service to a…