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The Power of Partnership


Connors Wealth Management and Marine Bank & Trust By Ryan Randall As we move throughout our lives, the successes and growth we experience will be in part due to the connections and partnerships we make throughout the journey. In the…

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Take The Challenge


Florida Tech Challenge Course Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” The Florida Tech Challenge Course does just that for a wide variety of people. From Olympic athletes to Boy Scouts, SWAT teams to birthday parties, the…

GO Contract
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G.O. Contracts | Connecting Companies


Many companies believe that winning government work is too complicated, too competitive and not worth the return. While there is a degree of skill in becoming an approved government vendor, many of these other concerns can be easily overcome through…

Environmental Engineering
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Environmental Engineering and Florida’s Growth


The Maturing of the Ecological Conversation by Eric Wright As sustainability and environmental sensitivity become core values around the world, a growing attitude of collaboration has emerged between regulators and businesses. “So often, there’s this muscle memory about avoiding regulators,”…

Kennedy Space Center
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Lift Off to Sustainability


“Our management recognizes and understands that sustainability, if done right, reduces mission risk.” – Dan Clark Since 1967, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has been home to cutting-edge technology and innovation in space travel. With countless shuttle and rocket launches, the…

Brevard Zoo
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A Center for Caring and Conservation | Brevard Zoo


The Brevard Zoo has taken a leadership role in educating the public on the importance of conservation and preserving the world’s natural habitats. By Jack Roth While technology is wonderful in many ways, the zoo takes advantage of getting kids…

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Standing Together


Brevard Government’s leadership trio of Dana Blickley, Lisa Cullen and Lori Scott proves that commitment and friendship can go a long way in public service. By Michael Candelaria Dana Blickley, Lisa Cullen and Lori Scott can fairly be described as…

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Marci Murphy | CareerSource Brevard


“We work with almost every community-based organization out there, so I’ve gotten to know them, and that’s been a real pleasure.” Throughout Marci Murphy’s career, her attention to processes and how they can make a business better is what has…