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TREP Summit | Ethical Capitalism Revolution


Change happens when people begin to ask themselves, “Is there a better way?” Edison asked, “Is there a better, safer way to light a home?” Mark Zuckerberg wondered if there was a better way for people to connect. Steve Jobs…

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Gone Grillin’


The owner of Grills restaurants has taken his childhood hobbies and transformed them into a successful career as a restaurateur. “I was simply following a vision, so the risk wasn’t so much a deterrent even though there were obstacles to…

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Think You Know Manufacturing? Think Again


See manufacturing through new eyes. By Lynda Weatherman Many of us paint a picture of what manufacturing looks like – loud machines, dirty hands, and low wages. However, this picture is far from reality. Replace loud machines with the newest…

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The Coolest Job in the World


“We launch missiles like the Delta IV Heavy, which has a thrust equivalent to nearly eight Boeing 747’s strapped together. What kid doesn’t dream of growing up and doing that?” – Brig. Gen. Wayne R. Monteith Wayne Monteith, Commander of…

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A “Tailored” Approach


Through a technology-sharing consortium, Structural Composites of Melbourne is maximizing its strengths and creating effective partnerships. Across industries, end users are looking for products that offer better value for their money, superior quality and increased lifespans. In turn, the composites…

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What Your Chamber Can Do For You


By Jennifer Sugarman President & CEO Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce When you think of a Chamber of Commerce at its most basic function, the name explains it all. A chamber (place) of commerce (business) is essentially where business…

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Critical Election for the Space Coast


By Kathryn Rudloff, Executive Director, Business Voice of Florida’s Space Coast It might sound hyperbolic to say the 2018 election is critical to the health and wellbeing of our vibrant Space Coast economy. But for those of us who recall…

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Alpizar Law | 40 Years Strong


If you were assigned the task of writing about Alpizar Law, LLC, you would start with John Alpizar being sworn into practice by the Honorable Clarence Johnson in 1978. You would also probably write about the firm’s specialty of injury…