NuVantage Insurance
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Preparing For the Unexpected


Having the proper insurance coverage is vital to ensuring peace of mind. When it comes to insuring your most valuable possessions, you have important choices to make. In the event of a loss involving your home or car, do you…

Epic BoardSports
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A Lesson in Local Business | Epic Boardsports


Yes, a prompt response and a good ear do matter. When Jennifer and Jonathan Meacham, owners of Epic Boardsports in Cocoa Beach, outgrew their existing building and found a larger building to expand their operation, they wanted to move quickly…

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Your Hometown Attorneys | Morgan & Morgan


With a small-town, customer-service approach and the resources of one of the most influential law firms in the country, Morgan & Morgan Melbourne is making a difference in the community. For Derrick Connell and the four other attorneys at Morgan…

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Shelter From the Storm


How SD Data Center Protects Data from Both Natural and Cyber Disasters When business owners are thinking about the security of their systems and information, there is more than just the “data cloud” to consider. Naturally, virtual cloud storage is…

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Talent Acquisition


Hiring a strong workforce traditionally follows a consistent structure for corporations across the region. But when it comes to finding invaluable skill sets for the team at RUSH Construction, Inc., it’s not exactly a textbook process. Instead, it’s a forward…

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Model of Ingenuity


  Strictly by definition, three-dimensional printing is formal and precise. It’s a manufacturing process of making solid objects from a digital file, the result of laying down successive layers of material until the object is created by machine. Those digital…

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Business & Community


Collaborating to Benefit Both In today’s interconnected global environment, celebrating business success stories that reflect the collaboration of multiple industries and organizations is nothing new. Businesses are exceedingly looking to a model of collaboration to address some of the most…

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2018 Ballot Amendment Preview


Business Voice Political Committee is group of diverse businesses from across the region.  They are a non-partisan group that believes the only way to make a difference in the political process is to be involved and informed.  To that end, they…

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Growing A Global Reputation


Motive Learning’s Software is Training the Aerospace Industry By Geo A. Ropert, APR When companies must train – and prove – their workforce is qualified to perform roles critical to operational or mission success, they rely on Motive Learning. Companies…

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The Tower of Strength


As allure and vitality continue to wash ashore, Port Canaveral’s Exploration Tower gleams. Just don’t neglect to visit. The seven levels, at a cost of approximately $23 million, are perched just outside of the world’s second-busiest cruise port. The structure…