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How Moms Influence Entrepreneurs


What is it about moms? They have an incredible way of creating accountability standards by which we measure success. It’s like the old southern saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Great men and women understand the truth of that statement.

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How to Keep Family the Main Thing

Business, Leadership

Passing on a Legacy Running a family business can be very time-consuming for parents with kids. The best choice any parent can make is to simply be there for his or her children. It doesn’t matter how busy you are…

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How to Benefit from Change


The leadership virtues of cooperation, collaboration, competition and character are being challenged by the transportation sector of the Central Florida region.

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Goals for the New Year

Blog, Leadership

Five Ingredients for Success What will the New Year bring? Will you determine your success or will you be the victim of the distractions of life and miss your destination? You are either driving toward your destination or being moved…

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From Accidental Discovery to Academic Study


By: Cari Coats Can Higher Ed teach Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs? Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? So many naysayers out there question the role of higher education in helping to produce the successful entrepreneurial ventures of tomorrow….