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Experience Meets Innovation

Business, Leadership

Creating Access between YP’s and Seasoned Professionals ac·cess [ ák sèss ] entry or approach: a means of entering or approaching a place. opportunity for use: the opportunity or right to experience or make use of something. right to meet somebody: the opportunity…

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SCB . . . A Story of Gratitude

Business, Leadership

Surprising Ways Things Work for Good Gratitude has been defined as, “a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that one has or will receive.” Sometimes the most tragic and disruptive events bring the greatest benefits and reasons…

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The Art of Sales

Business, Leadership

It’s the Ultimate People Business There are hundreds of different jobs and, to some degree, all of them require sales techniques.  However, the art of sales is that undiscovered country where only a few rare souls live.  As Ben Stein…

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Living and Building ‘Simple Community’

Business, Leadership

FL Tech/Harris Ethics and Leadership Conference As with most “best practices,” there is a stage where we ask, “What caused us to need a best practice?  What was wrong?  Why are so many people talking about this subject?”  One subject…

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Leaving Groundhog Day

Business, Leadership

Your History Doesn’t Have to Repeat Itself Bill Murray starred in “Groundhog Day,” the story of a self-centered TV meteorologist, named Phil Connors, who is forced to live the same day over and over again.  Of course no one lives…

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Walter J. Gatti: 2011 Inductee

Business, Leadership

It was during Walter J. Gatti’s commutes into Brooklyn, NY, as he pursued his degree in structural technology that his fascination for steel-structured bridges was born. Mr. Gatti graduated the State University of New York with an Associate Degree in…

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Fred E. Sutton: 2011 Inductee

Business, Leadership

Fred E. Sutton’s entrepreneurial spirit developed early in his childhood and one of his most passionate pursuits, coin collecting, turned into a business which financed his college education. As a result, Mr. Sutton received a B.S. Degree in Business and…

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Leaders with Ethics

Business, Leadership

Florida Tech and Harris Partner for 11th Annual Conference Do business leaders stop to consider the effects of their decisions on others?  This is the question administrators and professors at Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business had when…

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Partnership Tips from Apollo 9

Business, Leadership

Charlie Mars, left, and Bob Sieck, right, are welcomed at Steve’s Family Diner in Titusville by waitress April Shortt. The Business Lessons of Spider and Gumdrop In February 1969, Apollo 9 huddled in the embrace of that bright new orange…