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Gee, Thanks!

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From Thanksgiving to ‘Thanks-living’ by Eric Wright   Rudyard Kipling, author of Captains Courageous and The Jungle Book, was not only famous, but was quite wealthy.  A newspaper reporter once approached him and said, “Mr. Kipling, I read that the…

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Jim Richey: A Passion for Education

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A Passion for Education Jim Richey Envisions a New Era for BCC   It’s the first class of the morning on the Titusville campus of Brevard Community College and as students filter in they are greeted by an unexpected guest,…

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A Leadership Crisis

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VISION   A Leadership Crisis It’s Up to Individuals to Take Accountability for our Future by Jeff Piersall   If you place a bullfrog in boiling water he will jump out of it.  However, if you place a bullfrog in…

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The Secret Life of Bees

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VALUES   The Secret Life of Bees Learning the Dance of Cooperation by Eric Wright   Being in the magazine trade, I tend to peruse every publication I come across for graphic quality, editorial content, even feel and texture.  Then…

The Entrepreneur's Spiritual Journey by Jeff Piersall
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The Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Journey


Do You Have Inside You What It Takes to Succeed? The mandatory virtues of an entrepreneur are ACCOUNTABILITY, HUMILITY and a COMPETITIVE SPIRIT. These personal virtues are necessary for the entrepreneurial spirit to be successful. It’s why there is such…

Larry Ciaccia of AuthenTec
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Larry Ciaccia


CEO Larry Ciaccia described their growth, “Today’s AuthenTec is very different from the AuthenTec that was founded in 1998, but we’re still centered around providing strong but convenient security for mobile and networking markets.

Readers Sound Off
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Readers Sound Off


We asked our social media friends, followers and digital readers… “What are the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?” Linda Batch Meeuwenberg: Perseverance! Fearless and [being] organized. Bernie Simpkins: Real Deep DETERMINATION!  Also known as “THE WILL TO SUCCEED” FRUGALITY –…

Are You Nuts? by Dawn Gluskin Published in SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Are You Nuts?


It Takes a Little Crazy to be an Entrepreneur When considering the common make-up of a successful entrepreneur, all of the important “textbook” qualities come to mind: vision, passion, leadership, perseverance. There’s no denying any of these traits. But truth be…

Breast Cancer By The Numbers
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‘Put On Your Pink Bra!’


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Brevard’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event takes place on Saturday, October 20.  The theme of the event is “Put On Your Pink Bra” to represent the fight against breast cancer.  Each pink bra symbolizes…