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Are You Ready for an Encore?

Business, Leadership

Leadership After Retirement By Kristin Bakke People nearing retirement age are often portrayed as counting down the days until they can stop working. However, recent surveys suggest that Baby Boomers are changing that stereotype and are finding ways to stay…

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What? So What? Now What?

Business, Leadership

There’s much to Gain by Staying Active with an Organization after Graduation “The What?” is any professional or personal development course, such as Leadership Brevard, in which you have participated.  The “So What?” is now knowing more about yourself, your…

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Mike Means Entrepreneur of the Year

Business, Leadership

For some entrepreneurs the concept of “all in” means leveraging all your personal assets – e.g. your home and retirement savings – to finance your dream business.  Unfortunately, too many would-be entrepreneurs have seen their fortunes, and their futures, flushed…

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BIMDA Makes Charity a ‘Top-Notch Priority’

Business, Leadership

An informal gathering of doctors of Indian descent has grown into a powerful force in the local health care community now focused on education, community support and charitable giving. The Brevard Indo-American Medical and Dental Association (BIMDA) was formed in…

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Generation to Generation

Business, Leadership

Tapping the Timeless Value Stream There is a lot of discussion about intergenerational understanding, especially in the business world.  This form of multiculturalism used to be your experience when crossing national borders; now it appears with people with whom you…

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Retaining Young Professionals

Business, Leadership

Understanding ‘Millennials’ in your Workplace “Millennials” – also known as “Generation Y” or “Echo Boomers” – are a workplace mystery to many employers.  Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials offer a wealth of talent and knowledge to organizations and help…

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Sage Advice

Business, Leadership

Today’s Young Professionals Still Have a Lot to Learn They’re better educated, more technologically gifted, and have a firmer grasp on the realities of life at an earlier age than perhaps their Baby Boomer contemporaries had at comparable points in…

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Teflon Hearts and Velcro Values

Business, Leadership

What to Remember and What to Forget One of the keys to living the life we dream of is not allowing certain things to stick to our hearts and minds, while at the same time not jettisoning what has true…

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Your Rights are at Risk

Business, Leadership

It’s Time to Pay Attention The following article is based on a speech given by Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of Virginia, sponsored by Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship. “Freedom is never more than one generation away…

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Sheriff Jack Parker

Business, Leadership

Helping Create a Quality Community What’s not to admire about Sheriff Jack Parker?  He has an infectious enthusiasm about the community, loves his job and co-workers and enjoys the great outdoors with his family.  He has the kind of outlook…