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Fred E. Sutton: 2011 Inductee

Business, Leadership

Fred E. Sutton’s entrepreneurial spirit developed early in his childhood and one of his most passionate pursuits, coin collecting, turned into a business which financed his college education. As a result, Mr. Sutton received a B.S. Degree in Business and…

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Leaders with Ethics

Business, Leadership

Florida Tech and Harris Partner for 11th Annual Conference Do business leaders stop to consider the effects of their decisions on others?  This is the question administrators and professors at Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business had when…

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Partnership Tips from Apollo 9

Business, Leadership

Charlie Mars, left, and Bob Sieck, right, are welcomed at Steve’s Family Diner in Titusville by waitress April Shortt. The Business Lessons of Spider and Gumdrop In February 1969, Apollo 9 huddled in the embrace of that bright new orange…

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Organizational Lifecycles

Business, Leadership

Knowing Where You Are and Where You Are Going Evaluation and methods to address both your current and next organizational lifecycle are an important part of any community based organization (CBO) nonprofit leadership, either from the CSE (Chief Staff Executive)…

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Business, Leadership

Relational Advice from Peter Drucker At SCB’s recent “Business Leaders of the Year” event, I marveled at how many of the honorees were quick to acknowledge their spouses as the key source of support and encouragement in their achievements. Though…

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The Bridge We Must Build

Business, Leadership

What the New Generational Gap Means to our Future We’ve all heard the cliché, “Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.” Unless you’re from Mars, the “them” is people. We all are involved with people and ultimately, we’re all…

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A Resolution You Can Keep!

Business, Leadership

Eliminate Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable or disturbing feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. Human nature is motivated to remove or resolve cognitive dissonance. A simple example is not wearing a seatbelt when you know the consequences…

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A Time to Say Thanks

Business, Leadership

To the Leaders who Shape our Community ‘Tis the season to give thanks and to celebrate – not just for the good things that have come our way in the past year, but for the great things that are happening…

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Business, Leadership

Gift Ideas for Yourself and Others On the First Day: Be a player!  Players determine the outcome of the game while fans just pay to watch others determine the outcome.  Set your goals for 2011 with clarity; pursue them with…

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Who Is That Masked Man?

Business, Leadership

Detecting the Impression Managers A scorpion approached the riverbank, saw a frog and asked, “May I have a ride to the other side?”  The frog said, “No, you are a scorpion and you will sting and kill me.”  The scorpion…