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Innovation and Clear Vision


McCay Sets the Stage for FIT’s Future By: Shawna Serig Kelsch In the first year since Dr. T. Dwayne McCay has taken the reins as president of the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech), a few things have become very…

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The Vowels of Success


Characteristics That Shape Your Future By J. Lamar Roberts Every person defines the characteristics of success differently and, while each definition is unique, there are some fundamentals that run true through each of them. These characteristics and traits have been…

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Ken Welsh

Construction Professionals, Leadership, Profiles

COMPANY: Welsh Construction TITLE: President/CEO LOCATION: Melbourne, FL FOUNDED: 2003 WEBSITE: Welsh Construction, LLC of Melbourne was founded in 2003 by owner and president, Ken Welsh, who has decades of commercial construction experience. The company provides construction and design/build…

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Executive Profile – Jack Parker

Leadership, Profiles

Eastern State Florida College Jack Parker Company Name: Eastern Florida State College Executive Title: Vice President, External Affairs Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Public Administration, University of Central Florida; Associate’s Degree and Corrections Academy, Brevard Community College; Law Enforcement Academy and Firefighting…

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Twelve Days of Christmas


A Guideline for Business Success By Jeff Piersall On the 1st day of Christmas, plan to succeed instead of failing to plan.  Review your vision and business plan—how did you do for 2016, and what are the strategies to achieve…

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Executive Profile – Wes Naylor

Leadership, Profiles

Coe & Naylor Group Wes Naylor, President Company Name: Coe & Naylor Group Executive Title: President and Managing Partner location: Winter Park, FL Website: When you meet Captain Frank “Wes” Naylor III for the first time, you may be…

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Impression Management

Leadership, Management

Avoiding the Pitfall [By Jeff Piersall] We often bemoan, “You can’t live with people and you can’t live without them.”  Unless you’re a hermit, you are involved with people, starting with a mom or dad. The problem with people is…

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Business Plan to Business Model

Leadership, Management

The Evolution of Successful Business Planning [By Dr. Peter McAlindon] I learned early on in my entrepreneurial journey that neither an idea nor a product was a business. But how many of us focus on building and perfecting a product…