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So Now you are the Personal Representative | Jessica Lynn Law

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You have been named personal representative ("PR") in a loved one's last will and testament...what exactly does that mean? A Personal Representative (sometimes called "executors", "executrix", "administrator", "administratrix") is legally responsible for winding down and distributing a deceased person's estate,...
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Alpizar Law, LLC

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There’s a reason Alpizar Law is Brevard’s Choice and the first name people turn to for help following a car crash. With over 40 years of service to this community, Alpizar Law is one of Brevard’s oldest and most experienced...
John M Stewart
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John M. Stewart | The Florida Bar

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Since its origination in 1949, The Florida Bar has grown from 3,758 members to more than 108,000. For the past year, the Bar has been led by John M. Stewart – a third generation Florida attorney – practicing probate litigation...