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Capitalizing on the Power of HR Outsourcing


By Hal Jones of TriNet Growing companies may be known for innovative approaches or cutting edge technologies, but what positions a company for success is the people that drive it. Humans are every company’s greatest resource and managing your company’s…

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Supply Chain Management


Purchasing in Technology and Aviation By James O’Brien Doing business in today’s competitive global economy requires stronger, more reliable relationships in all business segments, including technology equipment, industrial goods, retail products and services. Whether you are a buyer or supplier,…

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Cultivating Employees and Longevity


Through Professional Development Programs By Lloyd Kennedy For most of us, graduating from the academic world and becoming a freshman in the business world was both exciting and daunting. And, while we knew we had the “book smarts” to go…

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Impression Management

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Avoiding the Pitfall [By Jeff Piersall] We often bemoan, “You can’t live with people and you can’t live without them.”  Unless you’re a hermit, you are involved with people, starting with a mom or dad. The problem with people is…

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Business Plan to Business Model

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The Evolution of Successful Business Planning [By Dr. Peter McAlindon] I learned early on in my entrepreneurial journey that neither an idea nor a product was a business. But how many of us focus on building and perfecting a product…