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The Roth IRA – Popular Once Again

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A Timely Consideration for Your Portfolio Thirteen years after its inception, the Roth IRA is once again a conversation piece at the office water cooler and households around the country.  Not since the Tax Relief Act of 1997 has the…

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Women Mean Business

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As a woman entrepreneur in the male-majority aerospace and engineering industry, it’s important to step back every now and then and get perspective on the growing influence women are having on business as a whole, including their impact on the…

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New Frontiers in Taxation

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Reassessing Your Liability Whether or not NASA is granted enough money to continue the exploration of space in future years is uncertain.  What is certain is the strong likelihood that your taxes will go up. Government debt is skyrocketing, and…

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Tough All Over

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by Dave Berman Government Leaders Stepping Up to Manage through Tighter County Budgets Much like their private-sector counterparts, managers within Brevard County government and the Brevard school system are adapting to the current economic realities.  With their budget-making processes for…