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Janice Scholz of Brevard County Schools

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No matter where I go and who I talk to, I hear our skilled workforce is aging out, and there’s nobody standing in line to take those jobs,” said Janice Scholz, Brevard County School’s director of Career and Technical Education…

Kelli Hunsucker
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Kelli Hunsucker | Florida Institute of Technology

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“The key is getting out there and explaining the problem because we’re the problem. We’re the cause of what we’re seeing — the algae blooms, the eutrophication — but we can also be the solution.” – Kelli Hunsucker Kelli Hunsucker…

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Kristin Bakke of LEAD Brevard

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“Working together to strengthen our community by inspiring people to lead.” LEAD Brevard’s mission statement is a call to action for a feature that is the backbone of every strong region — community leadership. Established in the early 1980s in…

Loyd Contracting President Micah Loyd
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Kristy Smith of G&G Roofing

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The entrepreneurial journey of G&G Roofing’s vice president, Kristy Smith, is a unique one. In 2002, she began doing roofing work with her husband, and company president, Ray, as a weekend pastime. Through opportunity, market knowledge and a strong dedication…

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One on One | Bud Deffebach of Groundswell

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If you walk through the facility of Groundswell in Melbourne, you can see people in the unique and varied work areas, all from different companies working on various goals, with the intention of producing the most benefit for their businesses. For…

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One on One | Ken Potrock of Disney Vacation Club

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Incoming Chair of the Orlando Economic Partnership It is a comment that has been repeated about this area so often, it seems almost like a mantra. “I came to this community for a job or career opportunity and something else happened…

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One on One | Jeff Baker of Noble

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Healthcare is often seen as the domain of behemoth hospital systems, multinational medical research corporations, affectionately known as “Big Pharma,” and government agencies whose budgets stagger the imagination. What is often unseen and unheralded are the entrepreneurial ventures that quite…