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Zollo Financial Group

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An office of MetLife Enrico “Rick” Zollo LUTCF, Financial Services Representative, Investment Advisor Representative, Special Needs Planner John Newman, Financial Services Representative, Special Needs Planner Tony DeBellis, Financial Planning Director Sean Winner, Advanced Markets Specialist Zollo Financial Group, an office of MetLife, offers a broad…

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CrossleyShear Wealth Management

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Raymond James Financial Services Dale Crossley, JD, Financial Planner Evan Shear CFP® Certified Financial Planner™ Since 1998, CrossleyShear Wealth Management continues to take care of all the small elements that collectively make up a life, retirement plan and portfolio. The result is an…

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Binhan Li

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Research Assistant, Connors Wealth Management As Research Assistant with Connors Wealth Management, Binhan Li assists the advisors with the company’s multiple investment strategies that offer both strategic and tactical management disciplines to manage a client’s individual investment needs. Li is…

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Rhett Wilson

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Wealth Plan Design Specialist, Connors Wealth Management Rhett Wilson of Connors Wealth Management is the firm’s Wealth Plan Design Specialist, helping the advisors create customized financial plans for every client’s household, including Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare analysis and recommendations….