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Going For The Win-Win

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Bill Dymond of Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed By Eric Wright We live in a culture, especially lately, where much is defined in terms of “winners and losers” It’s one reason for the furor around professional sports. Similarly, when…

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Droning On

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The Legal Issues of Drone Aircraft [BY EdKinberg & KellySwartz ] The introduction of affordable, easy to operate drones with sophisticated imaging and sensing capabilities opens up worlds of possibilities for entrepreneurs. New and established businesses are successfully using drone technology in…

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Legal Professionals: Alpizar Law

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The local firm that gets results! It’s not a catchy phrase, but rather a statement of our commitment. For nearly four decades, Alpizar Law has been dedicated to serving our local community in Brevard County. Whether it’s fighting for the…

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Legal Professionals: Dean Mead

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Claudia Haines Jones had a career in business before she embarked on a career as a lawyer, and that has made all the difference in her approach to serving business clients in her law practice. Claudia recently assumed leadership of…