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Greg Pallone

Aerospace, One on One, Profiles
Brevard residents may recall the sense of trepidation they felt when the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore was sighted, broadcasting from the Space Coast prior to hurricanes. People often referred to his ominous arrival as “The Angel of Doom.” There is...
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That Kid’s Alright: John DeLuca

Education, Profiles
Basketball. Hockey. Flag football. Cross country. This list goes on. You name the sport, John DeLuca, 17, has probably played it. More than a student athlete, John takes inspiration from his love for sports to give back to his community...
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Up Close: Brooke Deratany Goldfarb

Profiles, Up Close
Though she did graduate from Harvard Law, her approach to its practice brings to mind Fred (Mr.) Rogers, or perhaps the guru of peace, Mahatma Gandhi, more than the likes of Johnnie Cochran or F. Lee Bailey. Inherent in her...
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Alpizar Law, LLC

Legal, Legal Professionals, Profiles
There’s a reason Alpizar Law is Brevard’s Choice and the first name people turn to for help following a car crash. With over 40 years of service to this community, Alpizar Law is one of Brevard’s oldest and most experienced...
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Danny R. Baker | Platinumwerks

Business, Profiles
Living on the Space Coast over the past six years, I have learned that when you truly enjoy your profession, it is easy to put in a hard day’s work without feeling like it was work. As a young man,...
Kelly Ford
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Mike Ross | Kelly Ford

Leadership, Management, Profiles
Mike Ross has worked as a health and life insurance agent, an independent auto sales broker and auctioneer. Most recently, Mike came out of semi-retirement to take the lead as Kelly Ford’s Commercial Fleet Sales Manager in Melbourne. His love...