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PIRTEK Space Coast


Making Connections In Challenging Times Morgan Arundel saw the potential for a franchise business that specialized in on-site repair of hydraulic hoses and pipes, a service that saved customers countless hours of equipment downtime, therefore keeping projects on schedule and…

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O’Dang Hummus


The “Ben & Jerry’s” of Hummus Entrepreneurs are usually born out of a spark of inspiration and motivation that sets someone on a no-return adventure of turning a clever idea into a profitable company. For Jesse Wolfe, a 27-year-old student…

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Julie Moore – FIT


TITLE: Assistant Professor of Aviation Science UNDERGRADUATE: United States Air Force Academy, Human Factors GRADUATE: M.S. – Green Mountain College, Environmental Studies OTHER: Squadron Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base, Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base YEARS AT FIT: 2 It was…

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Mears Transportation: Past, Present & Future


Connecting People & Destinations Like the foundation of a building, the vision and values that a business is built on determines how large it can become and how long it will last. The entrepreneurial legacy that Paul Mears Sr. began…

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W&J Construction Celebrates 50 Years

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Building What Makes Brevard Great It is as large as the Smithsonian’s National  Air and Space Museum, and it shouldn’t be surprising that W&J Construction was chosen to build the $38 million, 100,000-sq.ft. Apollo/Saturn V Center at Kennedy Space Center. The…

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Noble Structural Group Continues Expanding

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A Reputation of Success It may be a small firm, but Noble Structural Group (NSG) has built quite a big reputation over the years. Whether the firm is working in the municipal/institutional, commercial, military/aerospace or water treatment/infrastructure markets, or utilizing…

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House of Lights


Craig Bronson The House of Lights in Melbourne, Fla., founded in 1963 and bought by Phil and Jocelyn Bronson in 1968, has positioned itself as a national leader among lighting showrooms for over 50 years. The longstanding family business has…

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Cocoa & Coastal Hyundai

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Tracey Latshaw & Michelle Russell When you ask Michelle Russell and Tracey Latshaw of Cocoa & Coastal Hyundai why they have been so successful here in Brevard County, their answer comes easily: Family. They have continued their father’s, Bruce Nelson Sr.’s, focus on…