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S. Annie Becker

Management, Profiles, Women in Business

by Sue DeWerff Dr. S. Ann Becker, Dean of Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, has spent more than 22 years in academia.  She attributes her success as one of Brevard’s most prominent female leaders and educators to…

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Lindy Tolleson

Management, Profiles, Women in Business

Lindy Tolleson, D.C. grew up in Gruver, Texas, a small farm community in the West Texas panhandle, where she enjoyed her rural upbringing. In 2003, upon graduating from the Austin School of Massage Therapy, she became a massage therapist and…

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Management, Profiles, Women in Business

Pat Bell has been involved in the health care industry for over 40 years, having held various positions in companies ranging from independent practices to Fortune 500 firms

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Natasha Cartagena Spencer

Management, Profiles, Women in Business

Natasha Cartagena Spencer runs Shelter Mortgage Company locally. Although she covers multiple states, she and her team proudly call the Space Coast home. Shelter Mortgage Company prides itself on being innovative with its products as well as partnership offerings. It…

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Kay Stelling

Management, Profiles, Women in Business

“Leap and the net will appear.” This sounds like a good concept, unless you realize after you leap, it’s you holding the net. At the height of the recession, Kay Stelling decided to leave Clear Channel after eight years as…

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Management, Profiles, Women in Business

  Kristen Smith-Rodriguez is an associate attorney with Telfer, Faherty, Anderson & Hawkins, P.L. She was raised in Orlando and attended the University of Central Florida before moving to Jacksonville to attend Florida Coastal School of Law. She and her…