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Danny Richards

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(Eventually) Running Family Business Seems Absolutely Natural There are a lot of parents who take their kids to work with them and, in most cases, after explaining Dad’s workspace or what Mom does, the child is expected to occupy themselves…

Steven Terry, Owner of Sena-Tech
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Steven Terry

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Wired to be an Entrepreneur There are some people that seem to be born with an entrepreneurial gene. Though it may lie dormant for a while or appear to be domesticated, eventually it will come to life, break out of…

Natasha Cartagena Spencer VP / Branch Manager GB Shelter Mortgage
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Natasha Cartagena Spencer

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Embracing the Challenge of Change She describes herself as an “introvert by nature” but how many people can say they have made a trip to Kauai, Hawaii by themselves to hike solo along the Na Pali coast? After graduating from…

Loyd Contracting President Micah Loyd
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One On One | Micah Loyd of Loyd Contracting

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Micah Loyd is the president of Loyd Contracting, located in Titusville.  The firm is a second generation family-owned business that was established in 1980.  Micah is taking the reins of the company his father built, which focused primarily on custom…

Bob Brown, Brown's Taxidermy
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Out of the Ordinary with Bob Brown

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Taxidermist, Brown’s Taxidermy For four decades, Bob Brown has been making fiberglass replicas of fish mounts like sailfish and bull dolphin. All he needs is the fish’s length and girth – from that information he and his Port Canaveral-based team…

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Boomers, Move Over

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Gen X and Gen Y are Ready to Step Up and Lead For decades, businesses, economists, politicians, scholars and futurists have observed the 78 million Americans that comprise the Baby Boom generation – those individuals born between 1946 and 1964 –…

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Jamie Tworkowski and CJ Hobgood

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Sharing a Message of Compassion throughout the Surf Community by Allison Arteaga Sometimes the most important opportunities in life are the ones we never see coming. When two 11-year-old boys met while surfing one day, they could never have imagined that…

Lindsey Deaton - Co-founder KLD Youth Foundation
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Lindsey Deaton

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‘Standing in the Gap’ Lindsey Deaton and her husband Kevin founded the KLD Youth Foundation ten years ago. Their vision was to help at-risk young people, the way Kevin had been rescued after having been left to fend for himself…

Q and A with Van Jackson
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Q&A with Jake Luhn


NAME: Jake Luhn TITLE: CEO, LifeStyle Homes MARRIED:  Jodi Luhn CHILDREN: JJ, 6; Julia, 5; and John, 4 YEARS IN BREVARD: 23 years WHAT IS A “TYPICAL” DAY IS LIKE FOR YOU?  I spend part of every day working with…