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Colleen Hunter is the owner of Browning’s Pharmacy and Health Care. She is a fifth generation Floridian and native of Melbourne. She lives in Melbourne Beach with her husband, Jim, and daughter, Morgan (15).

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Liz Jones is the Marketing Director for Browning’s Pharmacy and Healthcare, located in Melbourne. She has been a Brevard County resident for more than 15 years and has been working in the medical field for the past seven years.

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Kristie is a top performer at VIERA REALTY, INC. in Melbourne, where she works to continue providing stellar service and accomplished results. She is dedicated to continuing her education and keeping up with current market trends and activities.

Deborah DeLeo
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Q and A with Deborah DeLeo

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Name:           Deborah DeLeo   Title/Company: President, TreeFrog Data Solutions, Inc.   Married: 32 years to husband, John DeLeo   Children: Two awesome kids – son, John DeLeo, Jr. (29) and daughter, Jessica Parker (27)   Years in Brevard: 15  …

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Producing a Great Product

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More Manufacturers Rely on SolTec Electronics for Supply Chain Excellence by Kara Coyer Few businesses can claim the same level of success within their first four years as SolTec Electronics.  The local original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and electronic manufacturing services…

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Q and A with Michelle Irwin

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  Q and A   NAME: Michelle Irwin   TITLE: Director of Communications/PIO, Brevard Public Schools   MARRIED: Yes, to Dan Irwin   CHILDREN:  Three of the best: Danielle (22), her husband Matt Steiner (25), Shane (20), and Shannon (17)…

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Captain Amanda L. Zuber – Webster University

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Age: 29 Profession: Chief of Space Based Infrared Section and Mobile User Objective System, 45th Launch Support Squadron Captain Amanda Zuber has led satellite launch activities for the 45th Space Wing since 2010. From processing satellites to overseeing their placement atop…

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Mad Men, Mad Women

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Is the Past Really Past? by Kaori Suzuki Fischer The name of the AMC hit show is Mad Men, but the root of its infectious appeal is clearly its portrayal of women in the workplace.  On this Emmy-winning drama set…

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Jeannette Skinner, CEO

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Jeannette is a Registered Nurse who quickly ascended into management positions. She has held nursing and operational leadership positions within healthcare systems for the past 15 years, and is the newest CEO of Wuesthoff’s 115-bed Melbourne hospital. Here, Jeannette is…