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Social Entrepreneur | Beacon College

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Beacon College: A Unique School, for Unique Needs Few better understand and are more passionate to help those dealing with disabilities than the parents of a disabled individual. They are not only caregivers and advocates; they see the unique qualities…

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Social Entrepreneur | Brevard Cultural Alliance

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By Shawna Serig Kelsch When we think of sustainability, collectively as a society, most thoughts gravitate towards solar energy, clean fuels and innovative building materials. However, when you apply the definition to artistic endeavors, sustainability takes on a whole different…

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Social Entrepreneur | Bryton Up

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Finding a Way to Bryton Up Hospital Stays By Shawna S. Kelsch When Amber Saxon pulls into the hospitals she visits each month in Orlando and Gainesville, she also travels back in time. Back to when her daughter Bryton was…